Color Spotlight

The refined floral palette calls for flowers to be arranged in just the right combination of colors and textures.  Complimentary color schemes are a popular choice.  The idea of using one color might sound dull to some, but with varying shades, we find a different kind of subtle glamor and elegance to be very effective.  More and more we find chic designs in monochromatic color schemes of the botanical sort.

Playing with different sizes and shapes of flowers in the same tones, creates an interesting combination of textures.  This year we saw monochromatic collections take the runway by some of the most celebrated designers, at Fashion Week in New York and Paris.  The same style principals can be applied to designer flowers.  The sophistication of a floral arrangement in different shades of the same color works really well in the right setting.  Have a look at some of our most recent monochromatic style arrangements from this past month…



Monochromatic designs are an organic style of nature.  If you look at a single flower, you will note the gradient of dark to light within it’s own petals.  When you multiply that effect, the result is something which possesses a certain rare beauty.  We would love to customize an array of arrangements like this for you, or even hand deliver a single bouquet for someone special in this style.  We know that you (and they) will find it to be most pleasantly and surprisingly chic.  Here are some more ideas to inspire you to visualize in monochrome…

Have a monochromatic Monday.



by Bernadette Lords


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