Have You Met Celosia?

Have you met the radiant Celosia Cristata?  One look at her will have you entranced.  Her vibrant hues and thick, velveteen ruffles are her signature look.  An effortless beauty, her rich colors offer a brilliant contrast to other plants and flowers.

Originating in the tropics of Africa, Celosia Cristata is best cultivated in hot, humid climates.  However, never fear, because we found it planted right here in NYC on a curbside in Brooklyn!

A herbaceous, annual plant, it is burly and can withstand the threat of diseases in most cases.  Also known as “Cockscomb”, it adopted this nickname due to it’s likeness to the head of a rooster.

The leaves and flowers of a Celosia Cristata plant are also edible.  They are used as vegetables and stew for recipes commonly used in South America, India, and Africa.

There are so many reasons why L’Atelier Rouge loves Celosia Cristata.  Not only for it’s versatility and unique velvet texture, but we love how it makes every floral arrangement even more extravagant.  Have a look for yourself…

Celosia Cristata is amazing by itself!

Celosia Cristata creates chic decor!

Celosia Cristata is fantastic in bridal bouquets!

Celosia Cristata est très artistique!


by Bernadette Lords

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