Twas the Wedding at the High Line

Twas the day of the wedding, when all through the hotel

flowers were suspended and it was très belle!

A short while ago we mentioned some really beautiful Manhattan Chapels for you to get married in.  Well one of our clients took our suggestion and was wed at the gorgeously gothic High Line Hotel in Chelsea.  A very unique design went into the works for their wedding installation, which included flowers suspended from the ceiling and large bouquet sprays.  Pink lilies, lilium longiflorum, blue delphinium, and pink garden roses danced around the cavernous room.  It was an exceptionally charming design for an equally exceptionally charming couple.  There’s no place quite like the High Line Hotel for weddings.  It’s historical architecture and regal decor make it a treasured part of New York’s past.  It is, after all, where Clement Clarke Moore wrote “Twas the Night Before Christmas”!



If you like this venue, visit their site and we would love to show you more:

High Line Hotel

180 10th Avenue

Here are some more ideas for you to visualize flower suspension designs.  Très artistique!

by Bernadette Lords

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