Floral Decoration
& Event Design

There are always
flowers for those who
want to see them

Henri Matisse

The floral designers at L’Atelier Rouge approach each event as an original work of art using concepts, designs, and materials that are in perfect synch with their surroundings, the purpose of the event, the images of the business, the intention of the reception, or atmosphere of the home.

• Weekly floral installations and maintenance
• Floral décor for businesses and residences
• Floral décor for intimate celebrations

Event Décor

Everything you can
imagine is real

Pablo Picasso

When you imagine what your event looks like—the shapes, scents and style of the floral centerpieces; the table settings; the atmosphere of the reception—it doesn’t look like something you’ve seen before. It looks like yours.

Using no pre-packaged arrangements or manufactured products, the designers ensure that every detail of the décor- the original floral sculptures, the hand-made linens, the totally unique environment—come together as a one-of-a-kind piece of art that neither you nor your guests have seen before…or will see again.

• Consultations
• Storyboards and design concepts
• Floral décor
• Table settings
• Lighting
• Furniture rental
• Coordination of décor and design with all involved vendors
• Décor proposals
• Sample presentations