Bring an Arrangement to Life by Adding Color to Water!

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 22 August 2012 | 4 Comments

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Clear glass vases can be boring, so have you ever thought of adding color to the water? One drop of food coloring can transform a centerpiece, bringing out the flowers' natural vibrant colors. Add personality and fun to your event!


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Sunflowers for Summer

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 9 August 2012 | 7 Comments

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Sunflowers can add the perfect touch to your outdoor party this summer. The best part? No vases necessary! You'll cut cost and cleanup by creating a runner using just the heads of these beautiful, bright flowers. Check out the photos from this week's dinner reception.


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Add Fruit to Your Flowers

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 6 August 2012 | 7 Comments

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Fruit in your flowers? Who would have thought they go together so well! Whether it's a few cherries, tomatos, lemons or limes, a splash of fruit can spice up any bouquet. Does this remind anyone of Thanksgiving?


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The Perfect Backyard Party

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 1 August 2012 | 5 Comments

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Last weekend, we transformed an upstate backyard into a rustic yet elegant outdoor party. We accented the lucisous greenery and glistening water with centerpieces of blue vanda orchids and blue and lavender hydrangeas. And, completed the look with birch-wrapped candles. Vuala!

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Our Inspiration: Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture Show

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 23 July 2012 | 97 Comments

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We've always been inspired by Christian Dior's fashion, but, at this year's Paris Fashion Week, we were blown away by the show's decor. Raf Simmons decorated the walls of the Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture Show with one million fresh flowers! From blue delphiniums to white orchids to pink peonies to colored roses, the walls of these five rooms were completely covered. What a magnificant sight! 



Check out the entire fashion show here and the making of the show here. Thanks to Emmanuel Delangle of Fleur Delangle for sharing these amazing videos with us. 


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Flower of the Month: Hydrangea

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 19 July 2012 | 219 Comments

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Summer is the height of Hydrangea season and, right now, our office is overflowing with these stunning flowers in preperation for Debevoise and Plimpton's dinner reception at Guastavino's. 


Aren't they gorgeous? 





Want to know more?



Family: Hydrangeacaea


Common Names: Hydrangea, Hortensia


Description: Hydrangeas are native to southern and eastern Asia (particularly China, Japan and Korea) and North and South Ameirica and bloom in early spring to late autumn. Hydrangeas come in various shapes and sizes: they range from shrubs to small trees and round flowerheads (image a cheerleader's pom-pom) to round, flat flowerheads. 


Popular Uses: Hydrangeas are known as ornamental plants- great for decorating your home. In Japan, the flower is used to create an herbal tea called ama-cha, or "sweet tea," which is mainly used in a ceremony to celebrate Buddha's birthday (April 8th in Japan) where the tea is poured over a statue of Buddha in and then served to those in attendance. In Asia, it's not always necessary to say "I love you"; just send a loved one a bouquet of pink Hydrangeas to tell them, "You are the beat of my heart" (Keep this in mind for your upcoming anniversary!).

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A Traditional Indian Wedding in NYC

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 10 July 2012 | 1044 Comments

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A traditional Indian wedding in Manhattan? Oh, yes. With vibrant golds, pinks, purples, blues and greens, peacock feathers and our first entirely floral peacock, we transformed 583 Park, a gorgeous event venue on the Upper East Side, into a magical Bollywood kingdom.  


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This Summer is All About Rooftop Parties!

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 9 July 2012 | 29 Comments

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Don't escape NYC this summer... Climb to the rooftops!  Summer is the perfect time to throw a rooftop party to get away from the hustle and bustle.  Fall in love with the city all over again with breathtaking skyline views and gorgeous white and green flowers like the peonies, roses and orchids we used at the Setai Rooftop!  


Happy Summer! 


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Happy Birthday, America!

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 25 June 2012 | 98 Comments

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Fourth of July doesn't have to be just about fireworks, parades and barbecues... Why not add gorgeous Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums or Hydrangeas to your patriotic picnic table or backyard party?!  Nothing says summer better than red, white and blue!

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Flower of the Month: Delphinium

Posted by L'Atelier Rouge on 19 June 2012 | 0 Comments

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It's June and that means that delphiniums are in full bloom.  You're probably thinking, "What's a delphinium?"  


Typically this gorgeous flower resembles something like this:




But, here at L'Atelier Rouge, we think of it more like this:



Here's a little more information...

Family: Ranunculaceae 
Common names: Low Larkspur, Little Larkspur, Montane Larkspur, Lark's Heel, Lark's Claw, Elijah's Chariot

Delphinium is native to Europe and Siberia. It relates to the Greek word "Delphis" meaning "Dolphin" referring to the shape of the back of the flower which resembles a Dolphin's snout but in other countries it was thought to resemble a Lark's foot and was called "Larkspur," "Lark's Heel" and "Lark's Claw." It is also said that the Greeks named this flower after Delphinium Apollo, the god of the city of Delphi. Delphinium is a symbol for swiftness and lightness. The white delphinium is also called "Elijah's Chariot." 

Delphinium originated, according to legend, during the Battle of Troy. Achilles' mother requested that her son's armor be given to the most heroic Greek Warrior. The armor was given to Ulysses, although the brave Ajax expected to be chosen, and because of his dejection, Ajax killed himself. The small blue larkspur began to grow where the blood of Ajax spilled. 


Stay tuned for an entire collection of images from this extravagant wedding last Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 583 Park!

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