The Perfect Winter Remedy

If you’re ready to crawl out of the winter slump and jump into Spring, we know just the remedy!  It’s a joy flipping through vintage Vogue Magazines, and classic advertisements for a menagerie of housewares, services and businesses.  Back in the day, cheeky, lighthearted illustrations were a sign of the times.  Designed to brighten your day, these cheery echoes of the past appealed to a certain demographic and are always fun to have around.  They’re also what we find to be a perfect winter remedy for Spring Fever!  It was most certainly another time when drawings were a primary form of advertising.  It’s astounding that in today’s media and marketing world, ad messages are aggressive for the most part; practically screaming and jumping out at us on every corner to sell, sell, sell!  With all the competition in the modern marketing industry, it seems like if you’re not sounding a trumpet from the rooftops, your ad will get lost in a sea of heads.  Well that was not the case in times of old, when ads were much less abrasive and delivered with a more gentle approach.  Sometimes simple and clean, other times colorful and elaborate, elegant illustrations were popular displays.  Retro posters, postcards, and even billboards were often hand drawn images that didn’t shout, but instead whispered to onlookers.  You will also note the adamant presence of flowers throughout!  Antique flower, perfume, and garden ads in particular, are found high and lo in beautiful sketch form.  Cigars…  Cigarettes…  anyone?



Applause Please; A Poetic Nod to Fall


The air is more crisp

The cloak of night drapes earlier

We are dazzled by a burst of colors all around.

Central Park looks like a patchwork quilt from above.

Enter Autumn,

Like a lavishly adorned carriage prancing down a barren street,

Demanding the admiration of everything in it’s path.

She is solely responsible for the graceful shift of summer to winter.

Her elegant transformation is worthy of applause,

And she gets one…

The leaves applaud the trees

Clapping together as it blows

Just before they take a final bow

And fall to the ground

Wind kissed

Très bon.

by Bernadette Lords

Peering into nature and the seasonal shifting therein, we find organic artistry, breath taking color compositions, inspiration, beauty, and a romantic twist on seasonal metamorphosis