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(source: L’Atelier Rouge Instagram)

Cooking and lifestyle guru Giada De Laurentiis stopped by the studio this week for a flower arranging tutorial with our very own creative director Nicolas Cogrel-shot for a feature in next month’s ‘Rose’ edition of her weekly digital magazine, Giada.

Even though she described herself as “horrible” with flowers, Giada picked up on Nicolas’ tips quickly, crafting both her hand-tied arrangement and the small centerpieces behind her. Since she’s also “hyper competitive” (her words!), she challenged Nicolas - a master florist, by the way - to a race to see who could prune their roses fastest-vestiges of that race can be seen on the floor.

We’ll let you know as soon as the feature goes live.

Enjoy your weekend, a bientot..!

The internationally-renowned diva, and Giada













-Alex Miller

A Beautiful Mind

Each morning we visit the city’s finest gardens and flower markets, to shop the freshest selection of flowers.  That’s not our only best kept secret however.  Behind the scenes here at L’Atelier Rouge, dwells a rather clandestine authority in the creative process of our designs.  Behold our secret weapon: Nicolas Cogrel.  Nicolas is our beloved Master Designer, whose innovative designs are not only photo-shoot worthy, but also untouchable.  A majority of the time, he is found fulfilling the explicit desires of our clients.  However, it’s during those quiet after hours that he is often found inventing his own creations with no alibi other than a whim.  A true visionary of French origin and taste, Mr. Cogrel’s presence is hard to ignore.  His work and charisma demand both the respect and the attention of everyone in the room.  If you were to meet him, you would see why.  Some of his more ingenious projects have included a wax dipped rose bouquet featured in Wedding Style Magazine, a morbidly enthused wreath greeting guests at a gothic art exhibition, a lesson on gold leafing for Brides Magazine, and a tailor made botanical necklace for a fellow designer.  That isn’t even the half of it.

A men’s boutonniere typically consists of flowers pinned to the lapel of a suit.  Not when it comes to Mr. Cogrel, whose imagination is fearless.  The sky is the limit in terms of his unique concepts.  He has been known to incorporate some of the most unique elements in his creations.  For example, recently Mr. Cogrel was invited to attend the exclusive “Capote inspired Black and White Ball” at the Hotel Americano.  Included in his fabulous ensemble, was a hand crafted butterfly bow tie of his own making.  We’re not talking about a textile bow tie sewn in the likeness of a butterfly here.  Oh no, no, no!  This is, after all, Nicolas Cogrel we’re talking about.  You had better believe that thing was the real deal.

It’s just the idea to take something and reuse it another way.  You see something, and it will make you think about something else, so you use it for the other thing that you see it as being.  I see a butterfly, that makes me think of a bowtie, and that makes me use a butterfly as a bowtie.”  If you think he’s bluffing, guess again.  “I transfer it.  I misplace it.  It’s not difficult it.  There’s something fragile about it.  It’s lightness.  It’s very delicate.  It’s so unique, and just beautiful.”  If you ever have the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Cogrel’s craft, you will simply stand back and watch the magic happen.



by Bernadette Lords