New York Romanticism - VDAY 2015


In the last week we’ve been featured in the New York Post and Time Out New York for Le Bouquet Ultime, our super-luxe rose arrangements made special for Valentine’s Day. Caroline and Nicolas were even photographed (!) in the studio for our feature in the Post:

Le Bouquet Ultime was inspired by a weeklong series of orders from a businessman based in Paris-he ordered a new girlfriend a $1,000 bouquet every day while she visited family in Manhattan.

The orders were placed in early Fall, explaining the wide range of colors and bud sizes within the individual arrangements. Most orders for this weekend are in the traditional Valentine’s shades like red, pink, and the ilk. Don’t let anyone tell you red roses are a cliche: you’re only running a risk of a rote gift if you’re forgetting to take off the plastic bodega wrapping off, or, most crucially, just grabbing flowers for the sake of it.
Whatever gift you give this weekend (if you are, in fact, giving a gift), just make sure it’s genuinely special to you and that person, no matter the budget. A $1,000 bouquet, no matter how tremendous - and the Bouquets Ultime we’ve made so far really have been amazing - is not for everyone’s budget. Many Valentine’s Day gifts are often marked by the inherent indulgence of their nature-cut flowers only last for so long, you might accidentally finish that box of chocolates, the pricy house champagne is a little too dry for the both of you-but that indulgence can be something wonderful. Valentine’s Day does come once a year, after all.

The banner at the top of this post is a collage of pictures from the street artist New York Romantics-you can see more of his wonderful chalk drawings all over the city on his Instagram, @newyorkromantics.

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be collaborating with him on all of our bouquets; the artist will be making a custom drawing for each arrangement we send out. Pictures forthcoming!

You can place your order by calling the office at 212-226-4636 (forgive the advertisement) — they’re going to be spectacular.




#TBT YSL x BlackBook


March will mark L’Atelier Rouge’s fifth anniversary, and we’re taking a look back through our archives to see some of our most exciting work since we opened back in 2010. In honor of the flurry of fashion weeks occurring around the globe now (more on those later…), let’s revisit one of our favorite editorial shoots from back in 2011.

BlackBook magazine was one of L’Atelier Rouge’s earliest styling clients, commissioning our team to create floral accents for a variety of fashion stories.

In 2011 we were called upon to create floral pieces to complement the sumptuous 70s-inspired creative, and our creative director Nicolas Cogrel worked to invent appropriately sexy arrangements and designs.

The styling evoked the mood of legendary French couturier Yves Saint Laurent’s work from the 1970s, a period in fashion marked by the overt sexuality and glamour (the bold colors, plunging necklines, statement pantsuits, and “Oriental” accents included) associated with the “jet set” and Saint Laurent’s part-time residency in Marrakech, Morocco. 

Nicolas used exotic flowers and plants - orchids and fan palms, among others- and his signature gold-leafing technique to bolster that powerfully sultry vibe.



Like we’ve spoken to before, there are endless intersections between fashion and floral design, and the made-to-measure spirit of couture carries through in the spirit of our work.

Saint Laurent was a visionary in fashion design, and serves as a major icon in couture. One of his quotes on the artisanal and designer-based emphasis makes an appearance on our site-bonus points if you can name where.

“A designer who is not also a couturier, who hasn’t learned the most refined mysteries of physically creating his models, is like a sculptor who gives his drawings to another man, an artisan, to accomplish.”
-Yves Saint Laurent


BlackBook Magazine is relaunching its print presence this Spring- until then, see even more at !


À bientôt..!

— Alex Miller