Halloween Glam - A New Wednesday Tradition

Our Wednesdays are usually always dedicated to our wedding themes inspiration. Weddings are  such an important part of our daily work because we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than planning the one day that will start the rest of your lives.

But…While we put a lot of emphasis on weddings, we also enjoy taking part in the array of ¬†different events that come our way. Whether it is a huge launch party or a commemorative event for a non- profit, we are always passionate about what we create and put together. This is why we‚Äôve decided to change our weekly ‘Wedding Wednesday‚Äô posts to a post that incorporates all event types.

We’ve already posted about Halloween (here and here) but we have yet to focus on one of our favorite elements: glamour. Yes, we get it, Halloween is meant to be spooky and squeamish but we can’t help it, glamor is in our blood. And with blood in mind, here is our version of a ultra-glam Halloween event.