Wedding Wednesday: Winter Bene-Fête 2015

We survived Juno! It wasn’t quite the blizzard the city was bracing for, but our studio was still closed all day. Now that we’ve recovered from the winter’s first real snowstorm, we’re doing Wedding Wednesday (the first of 2015!) a little differently this week…

L’Atelier Rouge was commissioned to design a custom floral suspension for Wish Upon a Wedding’s annual charity gala, the “Bene-Fête” (love a good pun, especially when French is involved), produced this year at the beautiful High Line Hotel last Thursday, January 22nd.

Inspired by our original installation at the High Line Hotel in November, Wish Upon a Wedding requested a piece featuring white seasonal flowers appropriate for a January party. Our creative director Nicolas worked with the design team to create this huge (seriously huge) hanging piece that featured more than 1,200 flowers: white anemones, delphiniums, lily longiflorums, and tibet roses hanging down the central area of the entryway staircase.


The effect was awesome- guests were crowding around the entire length of the staircase trying to find the best angle to capture the best picture possible (if you search the hashtag #wishuponawedding on Instagram you’re sure to find even more photos); Brides Magazine and The Knot posted some of our favorites:

It was a joy working with the whole Wish Upon a Wedding team and support a wonderful cause-they’re “the world’s first nonprofit wish granting organization providing weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness and serious life-changing circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation”, a cause we were more than eager to support.

For even more Bene-Fête pictures and information about Wish Upon a Wedding, you can visit their Facebook page.


À bientôt..!

— Alex Miller

A White Christmas Wedding

Pssssst!  Do you want to know a secret? We’re as busy at work in the L’Atelier Rouge studio as the Elves are in the North Pole. In fact, we’d like a face off to see who is busier! We’re creating holiday decorations with glitter, snow, and gold leaf all around.  If you’re willing to listen, we’re ready to share our chic holiday decor secrets with you and no one else!

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones we used to know! From L’Atelier Rouge Christmas flowers to the 2014 trends of holiday decor, we have so much to show you! It may seem like last minute, but just breath. We’re here to help inspire you to create your perfect holiday atmosphere by sundown, one step at a time.

Like the 1954 classic film starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kay, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, a White Christmas is something we all dream about.


The trends of this year’s holiday weddings ranged a spectacular spectrum of metallics, and we took note of the subtlety in preferences. A blend of matted versus lustrous silver and golds, along with frosted and glistening accents, have donned the decor of your wedding ceremonies and receptions this holiday season.

The sophistication of L’Atelier Rouge winter brides is comparable to none. Clean designs with subtle sparkles and frosts were the heart of the season. Have a look for yourself!

For elevated holiday glow, gold sparkling floating candles like those pictured above, were a L’Atelier Rouge favorite! With white Phalaenopsis orchids at their base, they are all the more elegant.

On the note of orchids, pictured above are some L’Atelier Rouge white Phalaenopsis orchids done right; low lit rooms with metallic votive candles and floating candles at winter wedding receptions are divine. As light as snow…

As you can see, our gold leafing doesn’t mean to upstage the bride, but it is just as gorgeous as can be!

We love to play with ornament details like the golden mirror tree we designed and the reception table strewn with silver bulbs, as pictured above.

As you can see, to play with artificial snow, pinecones, and sparkles during the holidays is a L’Atelier Rouge must!

With the true spirit of winter in mind, silver leaves and branches are a L’Atelier Rouge hit as well.

Simplicity and balance sometimes works best, as shown above in L’Atelier Rouge holiday home decor.

Are you ready for L’Atelier Rouge to reveal their secrets to quintessential holiday flowers? We are…

Helleborus, also known as “The Christmas Rose”

The appropriate named white snow drop, as seen above.

Elegant winter white quince is a wonder.

Fit for the future Queen of England herself, white hyacinth is royal for winter.

And French tulips of course, how very divine they are.

A final glance at chic decor details to inspire your holidays!

Long, communal tables

A white Christmas wedding cake is decadent with metallic accents

Beautiful metallic branches with glitter and crystals

Pinecones are perfect for a White Christmas bride

Metallic gold table accents make for striking table settings

Wintery sparkling invitations make an everlasting impression

Beautiful gold glass wear and silver wear details add a regal touch

Silver candle votives make the room twinkle all the more

The combination of crystals and candles are the perfect marriage for an overall warm glow

Creative classic Christmas elements are very charming

Happy Holidays!

With Love,

L’Atelier Rouge


by Bernadette Lords