Tip Tuesday: The Fashion of Going Green

This week, Martial Vivot, celebrate men’s hair stylist will launch an all - natural, organic grooming line for hair. Martial Vivot solidified his role in men’s grooming long before he decided to create a grooming line for hair and one thing is for sure, he is always thinking about the impact of his actions. In this case, Martial not only expertly formulated a shampoo, conditioner, gel, creme and paste, he also made sure that everything about his brand would respect the environment as a whole.

The Martial Vivot Grooming Line For Hair uses premium natural and organic ingredients at optimum levels for exceptional results. All formulas meet a minimum 70% certified organic ingredient content. All-natural, organic, plant-derived ingredients used across the product line – such as aloe; sugar and coconut-derived cleansers; organic plant oils such as cannabis; vitamins; antioxidants; and amino acids and minerals.

So, how exactly has Martial set a precedent for all future ‘clean’ companies? Well, The Martial Vivot grooming  line utilizes 100,000 watts of solar energy to manufacture their products, their components are produced in the U.S and are easily recycled. Best of all? The Martial Vivot team is committed to buying locally. All of their components, packaging, manufacturing and fulfillment occur within a 30-mile radius.

Salon tested and cruelty-free, all formulas are 100% Color-Safe & Keratin-Safe, Vegetarian and Biodegradable.

Click HERE to visit the Martial Vivot website.

Get to know Rachael Goodrich.

Normally Tuesday is our “Nicolas Tip’s” day! Instead, we are choosing to focus on our newest addition to the L’atelier Rouge team, Rachael! She’s smart, worldly and from the Sunflower State of Kansas! What more can we ask for?

Where are you from?

I was born in Lawrence, Kansas on the first day of spring!

Why flowers?

I love flowers because they make the world more beautiful, I love luxury because while it is not necessary to live, it is necessary to live well, the two go hand-in-hand.

What is inspiring to you?

I am inspired by things that make me think and reconsider what I think I already know.  My best ideas come out of moments of solitude, usually after a moment of panic, and almost always in crisp night air.

Dreams and ambitions?

As much I adore New York, France has my heart.  I just spent the last year in Paris and it was the most honest and inspiring time I have ever had, and one day I want to return on a more permanent basis, the dream being to be between NY and Paris.


Sunflowers are the most significant flower in my life. Kansas is the sunflower state, and as a little girl I grew sunflowers in my backyard, donning overalls and spending hours among my darlings. In the summers, my mother, who is an ardent Chanel No. 5 wearer, switches to the lighter, floral scent of Elizabeth Arden “Sunflower,” ensuring that I have always associated sunflowers with unconditional love and compassion. It is impossible to look at a sunflower and not feel happy, they are yellow and vibrant, like a smile, yet solid and dependable, like a strong handshake. Always trust a sunflower.

Why L’Atelier Rouge?

It’s simple, I saw something here that I felt I had not seen in any other company at which I applied, the class and elegance exuded through the design aspect mixed with the devotion and level of caring provided from the service side appealed to me. Not to mention working with the French is something I love, making our office my own little slice of Paris in New York.

Welcome, Rachael!


L’Atelier Rouge!