Wedding Wednesday: Winter Bene-Fête 2015

We survived Juno! It wasn’t quite the blizzard the city was bracing for, but our studio was still closed all day. Now that we’ve recovered from the winter’s first real snowstorm, we’re doing Wedding Wednesday (the first of 2015!) a little differently this week…

L’Atelier Rouge was commissioned to design a custom floral suspension for Wish Upon a Wedding’s annual charity gala, the “Bene-Fête” (love a good pun, especially when French is involved), produced this year at the beautiful High Line Hotel last Thursday, January 22nd.

Inspired by our original installation at the High Line Hotel in November, Wish Upon a Wedding requested a piece featuring white seasonal flowers appropriate for a January party. Our creative director Nicolas worked with the design team to create this huge (seriously huge) hanging piece that featured more than 1,200 flowers: white anemones, delphiniums, lily longiflorums, and tibet roses hanging down the central area of the entryway staircase.


The effect was awesome- guests were crowding around the entire length of the staircase trying to find the best angle to capture the best picture possible (if you search the hashtag #wishuponawedding on Instagram you’re sure to find even more photos); Brides Magazine and The Knot posted some of our favorites:

It was a joy working with the whole Wish Upon a Wedding team and support a wonderful cause-they’re “the world’s first nonprofit wish granting organization providing weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness and serious life-changing circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation”, a cause we were more than eager to support.

For even more Bene-Fête pictures and information about Wish Upon a Wedding, you can visit their Facebook page.


À bientôt..!

— Alex Miller

Sunday Fall Flower Feature

The Cinnamon Spice (and everything nice) Garden Rose


When these precious beauties arrived, we knew that we needed to talk about them. Flower breeders are constantly developing new varieties. In 2010, garden rose breeders developed the Cinnamon Spice Garden Rose.

The Cinnamon Garden Rose is a mixture of the “garden type” or “English Garden” varieties of roses developed for the flower industry.These incredible varieties tend to be extremely fragrant but do not have a long vase life.  They are valued for their beautiful form, unique colors, exquisite scents and for opening very quickly.

Our parting words of wisdom would be to take great care in packing the Cinnamon Spice Rose because they tend to be more delicate.