Tip Tuesday - Halloween Parties For Kids and Adults!

We are prepared to admit that we might be a  little prematurely excited about Halloween, but it’s only 1 month away and we cannot contain our excitement! Even though we might have ‘outgrown’ the Trick Or Treat age, nothing beats a good halloween party. For us, Halloween is like a great bottle of wine or Casu Marzu cheese, it gets better with age (Kidding! Gross, even for Halloween!). We find ourselves outgrowing the stereotypical “Orange, Black and Neon Green” color scheme. Instead, we’d use a Red, Black, White and Gold theme to achieve that grown up classic feel.

How about that homemade spider web cotton candy?



L’Atelier Rouge:

L’Atelier Rouge


Kids Party:

Scary stories under the big eyed tree and colored tree trunks:

Ultimate halloween activity, Click on the picture for instructions:

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