January Florascope

Here to ring in the New Year is your new and improved monthly Florascope! What has otherwise been a short but sweet, poetic stroke of insight into your astrological sign paired with your birth flower, here we give you an extended version. With L’Atelier Rouge design elements to incorporate into your New Years Eve festivities, have a look at what elements we envision for you in 2015! It’s all in the stars…


March 21 – April 19

The symbol of the ram marks your nature. A bold and adventurous one, you are usually the first one to dive in and try something new. Prone to more straightforward approaches in life, you are not as interested in the complicated as you are the more simple. The quick and easy route is most appealing to you and your ambitions, of which you have many. You are also intrigued by fresh opportunities and a clean slate. For you, we have picked out a bit of fun with candles this NYE. Petite candle sticks arranged in glass vases filled with pearls are more easy to put together than they look. Gold painted bottles with basic white candlesticks are also perfect for your New Years party! Don’t worry Aries, these beautiful decorations look very fancy but won’t take long at all.


April 20 – May 2

The symbol of the bull belongs to you. A docile spirit whom works well alone, whatever you do, you do with commitment and soul. When roused, you can become very aggressive. You have no problem holding your own and maintaining your strength; it is one of your greatest assets. You are strong minded and certain of what you know to be true. You are stable and determined but with quietness and confidence. You are very interested in stability and solid grounds, but you are also very sensual and enjoy a little exploration. You keep your wits about you all the while, but your are known to indulge. For you, we have faith that a beautiful and solid dessert table for your guests to indulge in is in order. An assortment of decadent goodies, cheeses, fruits, cocktails and garnishes (don’t forget the sparkly details), with an arrangement of flowers is something you will love as much as your guests!


May 21 – June 2

The symbol of twins is the name of your game, and we do mean “game” because you are notoriously a lot of fun. Known for your versatility as well as adaptability, you have a way of blending in to most any environment or crowd. A true socialite with no problem expressing yourself, self expression is in fact, your strongest suit! You are typically the life of the party. You are a clever one who loves a challenge and is up for anything. There’s a part of you that is preserved and remains an eternal child, but a coexisting side that matures with refinement. Friendly, witty, and very intelligent, you are always learning and evolving with an openness to change. Well we have something very fun and colorful in store for you. Like your colorful and fun personality, an explosion of glittery confetti is a must! Balloons full of helium stuffed with confetti are the perfect thing to pop at Midnight. This NYE, let it shower a glittering rainbow, in the Gemini fashion.


June 21 – July 22

The symbol of the crab is the motion of your ocean. Much like your symbol, you have the ability to protect yourself from an intrusive outside world and will get things done in unusual ways. You have a unique balance of fragility versus strength. You are protective, a bit emotional, sensitive, and caring. In the professional world, you are pleasant and poised. You are most drawn to sentiments and things with meaning. This is because in your core, you’re a nurturing and reliable soul. You do not open up willingly to just anyone. You make sure you are safe first. For you we have a unique and beautiful display of gold spray painted baby’s breath. Our Cancer will love the delicacy and beauty of these scattered in arrangements around the home or space, add an incredibly light yet beautiful ambiance.


July 23 – August 22

The symbol of the lion is how you roar. Brave, courageous, and noble, you have an infectiously joyful spirit. Through good, hard work you gain accomplishment over time, building momentum and rapport. You like to have fun and may get into trouble but your intentions are innocent. You know how to achieve your goals. You do not give up easily and hold fast to your dreams. You also demonstrate what it really means to work hard and play hard. Genuine and dependable, when you say you will do something, you do it. You have strong beliefs and you like to do what is right. In your core, you are good; a ray of sunshine in the world. For you this NYE, we have the perfect idea. Beautiful crystals strung from branches will bounce light off the walls and stun your guests by shining as bright as you do.


 August 23 – September 22

The virgin is the symbol of your spirit (but not your sexuality by any means). Yours is a path of truth and purity. You take delight in the simple things of life and are very intelligent. While very aware of your surroundings, there is also a naivety in you that hopes others are as innocent as you are. A bit on the shy side when first acquainted, you actually make a superb conversationalist once people get to know you. You do not crave the spotlight, but rather a feeling of acceptance, appreciation, and contentment. You are not eager to go off the beaten path either, but if tested, your method of survival is with intellect. You have a love for the organic, original, natural and authentic. You speak from the heart. For you we have chosen gold & roses. A single rosebud detailed with gold leaf within an arrangement. or a rose with gold painted long stem. The rose may not live very long, but she will be elegant and stunning even if just for one night. We see a strange likeness in you, the gold stemmed rose, and Cinderella…


September 23 – October 22

The symbol of a balancing scale is the weight of your world. A well rounded being, you’re a highly functioning creature on many levels. You seem to have superhero powers in your ability to conquer so much in one day, and one lifetime for that matter. Prone to peace, harmony and balance, you remain extraordinarily level headed when faced with multifaceted challenges. An intellectual, a socialite, and a professional, you do it all. You have strong morals and a flawless intuition. With impeccable taste and high expectations, you have an eye for the finer things in life. This NYE, we foresee glittered champagne bottles which may be used for decoration even after you have consumed all of there contents. As for the glasses? Metallic gold sugar (disguised as glitter) shall line the mouths of each glass. Your guests will surely enjoy these dazzling details and applaud you. Cheers to you and your many friends, Libra!


October 23 – November 21

The symbol of the scorpion reveals your sting. Powerful, charming, and alluring, you have a presence in every room. Strong willed, intense, passionate, and fearless (for the most part), you have a lust for life. If life is a game of chess then you are it’s master. Your strength lies in your appeal and ability to conquer, enchant, and inspire. Your weakness is in rejection. If there’s one thing you do best, it’s connect with others and win them over. Wether you give your heart back in return, or leave them wanting, is a ball in your court. We know just what to add to your NYE that will help you engage and connect with your guests. Engaging with others, after all, is your very breath. Some creative NYE cocktails are the perfect thing for you. Champagne poured over a stick of rock candy or blackberries will entice your company. You may even try placing a tuft of cotton candy in a glass and pouring champagne over it. Your guests will be just as mystified by the result, as they are with you


November 22 – December 21

The symbol of the archer or centaur, reveals your aim. Half horse and half human with bow in hand, this is to insinuate that you are in conflict with desires and instincts that are animalistic or primordial, versus those that are human. Although mentally advanced, you carry the interesting ability to think like a human being but perform like a beast simultaneously. This may be applied to many aspects of your life. Aiming high, you search for purpose. Whatever it is, you seek more in general. You are anxious and unsettled. You always push yourself to be better and achieve higher levels in your aspirations. Your efforts are effective and you go the distance. You are drawn to fun opportunities and worldly experiences. This NYE we see metallic painted branches adorning your home or space. The organic shape of these beautiful branches may be arranged by themselves or within preexisting decorations. Either way, they will make an impact, just as Sagittarians do.


December 22 – January 19

The symbol of a goat marks the hoof in your step. Completely focused and capable, you’re not a dreamer by any means. You are the legends we write about for years to come, who came, saw and conquered whatever it was they set out to do. You have no need for petty small talk or mingling with the foolish bourgeoisie. Imaginative, creative, and poised. You have also immensely good taste and are a trend setter, often without even knowing it. Rational, sensible but not void of imagination, you are an artist in the way you go your own way. For you, NYE decor shall be uniquely elegant in a way that is not easily obtained. We see small votive candles burning in delicate glass ornaments hanging overhead. Such intricate work is done by stringing one by one. If you don’t have actual candles glowing within ornaments, they will be electric illuminations ascending from overhead, nonetheless. Either way, they will have the eyes of your guests aiming high above, in the Capricorn way.


January 20 – February 18

The water bearer is the symbol of your flow. You are . If there is one thing you do not do, it’s dwell. You enjoy the rectifying. You are attracted to and repulsed by judgement and assumption. With a willingness to exciting prospects and freedom, you are typically a nonconformist. Often the eccentric, the individualist, and the character, you are well liked just the same. A true free spirit is what you are. Imaginative, romantic and somewhat detached, you are, what some would say; “blowing like a feather in the wind”. That being said, we have the perfect thing for you this NYE! It’s so simple, you could do it yourself; glitter dusted feathers! Wether you’re laying them out on a table or hanging them from the ceiling, they will add a rather whimsical and fantastical vibe to your party. Go ahead and string those glittered feathers, we think it’s very Aquarian to do so.


February 19 – March 20

The symbol of fish are swimming in the depths of your soul. These fish, which are swimming in two opposing directions, imply that you are often at war with yourself. It is said that as the last sign in the zodiac, you possess attributes of all those which precede you. That makes you a bit of a shapeshifter. With incredible instincts and a very healthy appetite for reasoning, you’re often thought of as clairvoyant (and even magical). Your acceptance and understanding of the world around you far exceeds that of most other signs. If there was one word to describe you, it would be “interested”. You want to know, feel, experience, and understand all that there is to. You are an artist, be it known or unknown. If you choose to be, yours is an extraordinary mission. Some mistake some of your more offbeat choices for irresponsibility, whereas in reality, you’re an experimenter. This NYE we have left the best for last; delicate twinkling lights strung in unusual ways. Display them in glass cases and drape them within tulle or sheer curtains. Either way, tiny twinkling lights are as magical as a Pisces on New Year’s Eve.

Bonne année et bonne santé!

by Bernadette Lords

A Winter Wedding

Last Wedding Wednesday we were preparing you for the proposal, and this week we’ve got you walking down the aisle.  The holidays are magical.  There’s no time to waste, our pretty Winterette Brides!


A holiday scene is very romantic and inspiring.  How cozy to slip into a comfy robe and slippers by the fireplace, while planning your wedding!  Sip on some mulled wine or a warm whiskey toddy beside the menorah or the Christmas tree, while writing out your guest list!  The holidays are an ideal time for saying I do!  Do you want to know why?  Here are some helpful tips, ideas, and inspirations from previous L’Atelier Rouge winter weddings…


Holiday color schemes in your linens dress up your reception beautifully.  From silver or gold accents and embellishments, to shimmering white, off white or blue hues, set your tables capes with icy beauty.  Your reception makes a wonderful winter wonderland!

  • Adorn your centerpieces with ornaments and decorative berries to add a festive touch.
  • Crystals will resemble icicles when hung from the branches of your centerpieces.
  • Glass votives with metallic accents also have an icy affect.
  • Table numbers are another great opportunity to add holiday personality, so have fun with them.
  • Lucite or mirrored table tops look like ice and expand the room.
  • Mirrors lining a lucite dance floor is reminiscent of an elegant, evening ice rink.
  • White chocolate truffles as favors for your guests remind them of little snowballs.
  • Hanging candles, crystals, and berries.
  • Garland, twinkling lights, and under glow are beautiful and wintery.
  • Glitter, sequins and metallics shimmer gorgeously under soft lighting, like snow.
  • Bold color choices don’t compete with the colors of the season.

For Jessica and Jay at the Pierre Hotel, it was metallic gold accents, candles hanging from centerpieces, crystal votives, a shimmering gold table runner, and the warm, romantic glow of large candles in alternating sizes.


For Howard and Carrie’s Country Club wedding, it was metallic silver accents, hanging crystals, candles of alternating sizes, and glass trumpet vases with spraying bouquets!  A dark tablecloth is a lovely contrast with all the crystal.  Lucite chairs also resemble ice and keep thing rather light.



For our bride Allessandra at the Bowery Hotel, it was a rustic mix of greenery with gold accents, and large glass candelabras.  As you can see, crisp white linens do not compete with the colors and textures incorporated into centerpieces, like these.


Some flowers bloom in winter and some flowers look like winter.  Wether you are privy to bold, dramatic colors or light, monochromatic schemes, you may channel the holidays in your arrangements!

  • Alternate high and low centerpieces!
  • Red and green is a classic holiday color scheme easily accomplished by a bouquet of any red flower (like roses).
  • White orchids look like snowflakes.
  • Winter pines look as nice and Earthy as they smell.
  • A spray of white blossoms or Babysbreath resembles a snowfall.
  • Fruits accents (pears, grapes, pomegranates) are a breath taking touch.
  • Pine cones, wreaths, holly, branches, and ivy will bring that rustic holiday vibe.
  • Illuminated trees are magnificent, of course.
  • A Chuppah covered with white flowers and crystals looks like a little castle in the snow.
  • Gold leaf knows no boundaries.

For Jessica and Jay at the Pierre Hotel, large round arrangements of pink, white and peach Juliet roses, white hydrangea, and pink orchids stood tall next to smaller versions of the same in gold vases. The bridal bouquet was a simple but elegant white arrangement of roses.


For Howard and Carrie, large glass trumpet vases contained a spray of baby breath and white orchids with silver branches and hanging crystals.  The lucite Chuppah was strung with crystals that hung like icicles and a canopy of babysbreath which appeared to be floating like a snow cloud overhead.



For Allessandra at the Bowery Hotel, it was all about the stunning touch of gold leaf accents.  For the bride, it was a bouquet of spraying white orchids with gold leaf, and simple bouquets of white roses with gold leaf for the Bridesmaids. A rustic assortment of various green and white floral accents with succulents lined the center of the tables.



The bridal party.  The dress.  Winter weddings are a runway for elegant bridal fashion!

  • Wear a classic winter cape over your gown to keep warm but chic.
  • Fur wraps, fancy boots and classic muffs will keep the hands warm elegantly.
  • A fancy white coat is a yes!
  • Long gloves and fur stoles are very flattering and feminine.
  • A bold and contrasting color palette (like black and white) is winter chic.
  • Gift bags with slippers inside and gloves to stay warm are a great  idea.
  • Pair holiday gifts with wedding favors like ornaments or candles.
  • Wedding gowns with a colored tint or hue work well in winter ceremonies.

For Jessica and Jay at the Pierre Hotel, the bride wore a gorgeous lacy gown with bridesmaids dressed in all black.  The contrast was stunning and very formal.



For our bride Allessandra at the Bowery Hotel, she chose different dresses for each bridesmaid in varying shades of gold and black.  The metallic and matte alternations were just stunning in contrast with her elegant gown and sheer, lace lined veil.



The festive holiday decorations in the city are naturally the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos!

  • A light snow fall is a romantic and dreamy addition to your wedding photos as well.
  • Your rings will photograph beautifully on the Christmas tree or by the Menorrah.
  • Your wedding photos also make good holiday cards.
  • Get creative with the winter landscape all around you!
  • An umbrella is a lovely wedding prop in the winter.
  • You and your spouse under an umbrella in the snow is all you need for the perfect winter wedding photo.

Allessandra and her groom pose in the regal Bowery Hotel for this beautiful wedding photo



Winter inspirations make for beautiful wedding cakes!  Wrap them with a golden bow that resembles a gift like Jessica and Jay did at the Pierre Hotel!



  • Props for photo booth like empty frames, and holiday props.
  • Have the guests write on the ornaments like signing a guest book.
  • The possibilities are really endless when it comes to winter theme wedding!
    • Ski resorts make for excellent honeymoon getaways!
    • On the other hand, a tropical getaway is a much needed in the dead of winter.

L’Atelier Rouge is ready, willing, and able to create your dream holiday wedding at the snap of your fingers.  Happy Holidays brides and grooms!

With Love,

L’Atelier Rouge




by Bernadette Lords