This is Brownie.  Isn’t she sweet?

Brownie lives in Manhattan.  A lover of constant attention, Brownie is very affectionate, but since she’s still a baby she has many needs and a lot to learn.  Brownie likes to run around the house freely and jump on the couch.  She also likes to sleep in the bed and then wake everyone up at unGodly hours for food and play time.  Gotta love her!  Brownie also has a big beautiful garden on the patio where she likes to play fetch.  She also enjoys pooping and peeing in all kinds of exciting places.  She has covered a lot of territory by now.  Brownie also has an incredible sense of smell and knows when dinner is ready.  She always tries to get a taste of some.  Most importantly, Brownie likes to chew.

This is Bambi.  She is a bit bazaar.


Bambi is a Brooklynite.  She is extremely curious.  Among her many habits include exploring, sleeping on top of the refrigerator, calling to birds out the window all day, and sitting on the edge of the bath tub while someone is showering.  She also likes to climb on things, sniff things, and get into as much mischief as possible.  Bambi and Brownie have a lot in common.  Much like Brownie, Bambi is still a baby with a lot to learn.  Also like Brownie, she enjoys waking her household up at unGodly hours for food and play.  She will do this by trying to make as much noise and disturbance as possible.  She’s a little firecracker!  Bambi also likes to chew on things, which brings us to the topic at hand.

Both Bambi and Brownie live in households where plants and flowers are often present.  This poses a bit of a hazard because Bambi and Brownie can not possibly be monitored all the time.  If either one decides “hmmm, this looks interesting. I wonder what it tastes like…”  and starts chomping on those plants, there’s a possibility that they could be ingesting something poisonous.  Even if plants are kept out of reach, it’s important to properly identify what they are be it inside or outside of the house, for the safety of Bambi and Brownie.  Certain toxic plants simply cause irritation like inflammation of the skin, stomach and mouth.  Others however, can lead to fatal effects.  Below are some more common poisonous plants and flowers to be aware of in the vicinity of your little trouble makers.

English Ivy, Pothos, Spanish Thyme, and Chrysanthemum

Amaryllis, Autumn Crocus, and Castor Bean

Cyclamen, Azalea, Lilies, and Peace Lily

Tulips, Oleander, Sago Palms, and Kalanchoe

Kew, Narcissus, and Marijuana

For a complete list of all plant species that are both toxic and non toxic to Bambis and Brownies everywhere, visit the official ASPCA site (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) here: 


by Bernadette Lords