The 3 steps to achieving a beautiful tabletop

We always look forward to creating table tops for two main reasons:

1) Guests will form their first impression from what they see once they walk into the venue. Usually, the table tops are what people notice first.

2) This is a lasting impression because this is what the  guests will be looking at once they have found their seat.

First ,we start playing with textures: tablecloths / napkins:

We are big on napkin accents. Despite how labor intensive it is, thinking of every detail (even if it’s for a napkin), adds so much more to the table setting.


Second step is to look at the plate ware  presentation:

We always recommend picking out a venue that carries presentation plates.  Can this become pricey? Yes, but it is well worth the splurge because it completes the look of the table.

And last, the most important detail is to connect the center pieces to the table:

You can do this by picking one flower from the center piece and making it as apart of the design on the table. This is especially beautiful if you have only high center pieces which might make the table look bare.

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