Better than Your Average Pot

The old clay garden pot just isn’t cutting it any more.  How about some more innovative and modern ways to hang or display plants that go beyond the every day vase?  Here are some choices that are off the beaten path.

Let’s start with some beautiful geometric glass terrariums

Then there’s the classic lidded jar terrarium

Delicate glass bulbs extending from the ceiling are the latest and greatest

An oddly shaped clear glass vase on it’s side is a nice choice

Old books make for artistic vases too

Did you know that you can even use lightbulbs as vases?

The depth of a broad wooden frame will work for plants too!

A shadowbox on the wall stuffed with moss is really cute


Wine bottles!

Pop a few drawers open and scatter plants within

Any unusual way to showcase your plants could work!

Just try to think outside the box!

Avoir un bon week-end!

L’Atelier Rouge


by Bernadette Lords

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