Wedding Wednesday; Unforgettable at The Pierre


It’s a crisp winter morning on November 23, 2013.  Joseph Yakuel is marrying Rebecca Ades at the Pierre Hotel.  Perhaps you’ve seen a wedding like this before, or perhaps you haven’t, but these are the kinds that stay with us forever.  Bringing a magnanimous matrimonial vision like this to life is quite the undertaking.  There was nothing like the evolutionary process of design, to visualizing and planning the concept, and then actually producing this wedding.  From that first consultation with the Bride-to-be, up until the day of the wedding, there was a continuous development as things came together.   We will forever remember the drawing board, the floral selection process, the warm greetings we got from the Pierre Hotel staff as we arrived at 5AM that Saturday, and of course all who was family involved.  Of the most talented wedding producers in the city, the esteemed Barbara Esses was among us, along with the best team of decorators we could find.  On the production side of the fence, this was a league of super heroes in our opinion.  It was all about the details; rich, vibrant colors, lustrous materials, and extremely elegant lighting.  We will never forget constructing the floating Chuppah, pinning down the aisle, delivering the gold leafed bouquets to the bridal suite, or laying out those last few fruit strewn centerpieces.  This 13+ hour installation resulted in a scene that was sure to steal your breath away.  Imagine a cavernous reception hall, so regal it’s fit for a King.  People are bustling around draping table clothes, preparing place settings, placing centerpieces, laying down the dance floor, adjusting lighting, strewing rose petals, and lighting candles.   It’s hard not to get swept away by the magic of a wedding of this proportion.  Our incredible photographer Brian Marcus of the renowned Fred Marcus empire, captured these precious moments flawlessly…



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