Wedding Wednesday - Be prepared (Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it)

More often than not, Brides to-be become less of the guest of honor. Instead, they are stressed and overloaded with almost a years worth of planning. We believe in taking over to make sure that your special day is well planned because to us, it’s not just another wedding.

Meet our team who are well equipped to handle just about anything.

Caroline Bailly, The L’atelier Rouge Founder, has been the event director for L’Olivier; overseen private dining for restaurateurs such as Daniel Boulud; and hosted weddings in venues such as the Pierre Hotel.

Nicolas Cogrel,  who has been the floral decorator for Chanel, Dior and Madonna.


L’atelier Rouge

Nicholas’ Tip: Flowers + Quality

One of the reasons we use Hilverda De Boer , is because they respect the flower and we think it is very important to be respectful of quality since we do not want to put our name on something that we are not proud of.  We would rather make 10 trips carrying one arrangement as opposed to possibly damaging something.

For our weekly clients, we check on  the flowers to refresh and to keep them happy as well as to make sure that we are putting forth our best foot.


Flowers are delicate beings and need a drink from time to time, just like the rest of us. In the studio, we humans often take the backseat to the flowers, meaning we keep the air very cool so the flowers stay fresh and vibrant while we deal with the cold.

- Nicolas Cogrel, Artistic Director