Cherry Bombed!

It’s only twice a year when the sun and the equator meet in passing.  For a moment, the Earth stands still for these star-crossed lovers.  With solar illumination directly overhead, the Northern and Southern hemispheres are equally hit.  Stemming from the Latin word “aequus” (meaning equal), “equinox” marks the date when the duration of night and day are exactly the same.  It is the center of the sun and the Equator’s intersection, that breeds biological results.  A phase of celestial coordination, Central Park gets a makeover.  A floral facelift, if you will, in which cherry blossoms invade every wooded nook and cranny.

There are two species of cherry blossom trees that inhabit our massive urban garden, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan.  The ornamental Yoshino Cherry tree, and the pungently pink Kwanzan Cherry Tree, begin to blossom and thrive relentlessly.  The dramatic evolution of these perennials makes for a spectacular and breath taking display, worthy of applause.

Tis the season here at L’Atelier Rouge, when we stock the studio with cherry blossom, forsythia, dogwood and pear branches.  At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the “Sakura Matsuri” or Cherry Blossom Festival will also take place.  This is a two-day festival of Japanese culture, arts, and performance in honor of their impressive collection of flowering cherry trees.  Let’s take a tour of our fair city in the explosion of cherry blossoms blooming all around!































by Bernadette Lords