Beauty Submerged

The most important element in table top fashion is (obviously) the centerpiece.  When dressing your table for the party, the centerpiece is what pulls the whole look together.  Like purses, sunglasses, belts and hats, the silverware, napkins, plates and cups are necessities, complimentary to each other.  And just like any well put together ensemble, what your table is wearing will establish mood and style.  It’s color schemes and flare will make or break the look.  A centerpiece has the power to makes us say “darling, you look smashing in that!” or “what in the hell is she wearing!?” to any table in terms of style.

When it comes to table fashion schemes, we at L’Atelier Rouge have a few tricks up our sleeve.  There’s nothing like a fresh, beautiful centerpiece to complete a table.  One of the most elegant centerpiece designs is a concept that’s quite simple to create.  While flowers are not always present, sometimes candles, mirrors, or votives spruce things up.  Underwater flowers make for a beautiful display, with an elegant, floating appeal.  This is a concept we have been known to do time and time again.  Not all flowers will behave the same once submerged in water, but calla lilies, orchids, roses, and anthurium have great underwater lifespans.  If you haven’t tried it before, you may do so by anchoring the stems with pebbles, rocks or even glue.  Perhaps you would prefer them just floating, which is a nice touch as well.  What’s your table wearing tonight?  Why not consider dressing her up with centerpieces of flowers submerged in water..  Ooh la la!

by Bernadette Lords