A Succulent Monday

Offering a whole hand to the gardener whose thumb is not the slightest bit green, are beautiful succulent plants.  Let’s put it this way: they’re not easy to kill and they look wonderful in your home.  Did you know that you can even propagate succulents just from their leaves?  Succulents are a very interesting plant indeed.  They store water in their tissues, thus their leaves are thick and fleshy.  This characteristic is known as “succulence”.  A durable, yet low maintenance plant that possesses longevity, they were designed to survive in harsh environments where most other plants would not last.  You will find them in places with little precipitation and high temperatures, like the desert.  They’re also found on ocean coasts where high levels of dissolved minerals dwell.  Although cacti fall into their classification, there are all kinds of succulents.  Here are a few reasons to love them…

by Bernadette Lords



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