Buckets of Roses

The everlasting, proverbial symbol of love and beauty, the poster flower of Valentine’s Day, and the ever romantic gesture which says anything from “I love you” to “I’m sorry I messed up”; the rose.  We love to love the flower of love.


However, it was not always associated with such warm and charming sentiments.  The rose has had an interesting past.  In fact, it was actually the symbol for opposing sects fighting to govern England in the 15th Century.  Lancaster was symbolized with a red rose, and York was symbolized with a white rose.  Thus it was called the “War of the Roses”.  It is even referenced in the classic storybook Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, represented by the Queen of Hearts (England), and her red and white roses all around (Lancaster versus York).


The Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais of France (Napoléon Bonaparte’s wife), created a massively extensive rose garden in 1800 spanning the entire estate of Chateau de Malmaison, just outside of Paris.  This also happens to be the setting of the famous botanical illustrator Pierre Joseph Redoute’s work.  His watercolor collection “Les Rose”, still carries worldwide acclaim.


L’Atelier Rouge has seen more roses this month than some people will see in their entire lifetime.  As a design element, roses are among the most universally recognized and adored flower choices in the world.  They offer incredible versatility, due to the modern hybridization of so many different breeds.  They do not just decorate the table with regal elegance, they also compliment the atmosphere with their incomparable aromas.  There are endless possibilities here.  Enjoy the buckets and buckets of roses we have for you!

Stay tuned this Wedding Wednesday for an upcoming trunk show with a favorite bridal designer…



by Bernadette Lords

Floral Sculpture

L’Atelier Rouge has been creating stunning floral arrangements in some of Manhattan’s most exquisite venues and residences since 2010.  Established by chic, tailor made floral designs, the creators behind L’Atelier Rouge are recognized as “floral couturiers” by way of French roots.   Responsible for some magnificent installations, L’Atelier Rouge is known for floral sculpture as well.  You might be asking yourself; what exactly does that mean?  What defines a floral sculptor?  What identifies a simple arrangement of flowers apart from a sculpture?  Perhaps it’s an artistic quality it possesses, or a unique presentation that conveys a deeper meaning or message.  Maybe it was created in the image of something else.  Like the vision of an artist, we feel that the answer to what defines floral sculpting may be best explained visually…


by Bernadette Lords