Wedding at Guastavino’s // Interview with Kirsten Doggett - Bellafare

Meghan and Kevin’s ‘first look’ was  one of  the most memorable moments from their wedding day. Rarely, do we get to be part of this intimate moment, fortunately for us , we were able to witness the way they saw each other for the first time. It was the sweetest, most genuine encounter and our groom, Kevin, could not have been more excited and complimentary of his soon-to-be bride.
It was our  sincere pleasure working with Meghan and Kevin’s wedding planner, Kristen Doggett at Bellafare. Guastavino’s is also a location that never fails to impress.

Our inspiration:

It all started with a black and white striped invitation that Meghan found, which is what we based the overall decor on. Meghan loved the combination of black, white, and gray and, therefore, we felt it was appropriate to create a modern aesthetic that fit with the color scheme and venue. We created similar stationery by the uber talented Mr.Boddington’s Studio that mimicked the sample that Meghan found and incorporated unique elements such as silver snakeskin chargers, black and white striped pillar candles, wheat grass under the escort cards, and dramatic asymmetrical centerpieces.

Q: What were some of the highlights of the wedding? 

  • The groom getting on stage and singing with the band.
  • Serving mini cotton candy and Grey Goose shots that debuted during the dancing portion of the evening.
  • A surprise buguler (the groom’s family is in horse racing) that introduced the newly married couple.
  • The guests dancing until the very last minute, the sign of a successful wedding.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your experience working with L’Atelier Rouge.

We really enjoyed working with L’Atelier Rouge, as we were always on the same page and enjoyed bouncing creative ideas off  of one another! We took care of the logistics  and knew that we were in good hands for the decor. Caroline made a creative call on the wedding day and decided that the head table should be a mix of high and low arrangements versus all low, as she thought that this would be more glamorous and dramatic. I wasn’t sure if Meghan was going to go for it, but sure enough, she loved it!




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